Sunday, March 8, 2009

what a girl wants???????????

Well, after a long-drawn-out time……………I am back on blogger. Long time, if truth be told, and yes my life has amended a lot, a lot like anything. Mba inaugurated long time back. When did those all strangers ie my classmates became my friends, I dint even come to make out. Few of them just changed my life and few became my life. Would rather say that mba teaches more of people and life rather than any subject which just goes off your head.
Nywaz, the blog is not about mba or how my life changed after joining mba,will surely take pains to put in writing another two blogs for that,lol
Although things changed like anything, but one thing remained the same. The thought which often pondered in my mind,WHAT A GIRL WANTS???????????????and yes when today I got the answer I m here to write………
A girl doesn’t want anything but love,true love. She wants someone to love her deeply. She wants someone to whom her every step matters. She wants someone who just can do anything for her. She wants someone who cares for her n for whom she cud care.she just wants that special person ,the reason for whose happiness is she,n for her happiness is him. Its all about love and i donno y people still think,WHAT A GIRL WANTS?????????????


gayathri-vishwanathan said...

hi shweta...very true. Girl wants someone who would love her the most, just the way she is. Welcome back to blogging! Keep writing.

shweta said...

hey,thank you gayatri :)
yup,now i wil try mylevel best to keep in track wid writing
keepsmiling tc

Anonymous said...

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Shiv Lingam said...


Every girl certainly aspires for an MBA -
-See below
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The Layman said...

Guys want the same too :)

Abnish katwal said...

Time: 3:39am
Location: Delhi
Situation: Sitting in front of my laptop with a little gap bet Eyelids.

Hi, This is the first time I have gone through your blog N this article only right now(interested to read others too in coming time). B'cause my dreams of closed eyes are calling me up....keep writing.

Gururaj said... there anything left to want? in short it(the third para)says that a girl wants everything, isnt it?

P.S: Please excuse me for intruding and dumping my comments.

Hitesh Assudani said...

Best thought of yours. !!
Nicely said.

Keep it up !!